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Untitled by inthe-stars Untitled :iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 3 0
like they used to
i don't feel like stars
anymore &
i don't hear galaxies
in my songs.
the words don't come out
like they used to
every time i think of you.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 7 1
everything i lack
you ask me why i can't do anything
why i stay home and stay quiet;
and why i can't speak
or why i'd never even try it.
why are you so scared?
i'm afraid of what i think,
i'm scared of no longer having these thoughts
and i'm scared of what i drink.
i'm scared that one day
you'll realize you're fine
going places on your own
without me crying every time.
i'm terrified one day
you'll just decide not to come back,
you'll find someone who has
everything that i lack.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 5 0
by the stars
the soft curves of your face
are silhouetted by the stars
as you move in rhythm with my heart
and remind me how we’ve come so far.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 7
out of place
if i could crawl
into your heart
and live there,
i would;
or i could die in you.
by your wiry
tendons; heart
shocked out of place
by your uneasy 
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 6 4
like some cliche
my heart beats
soft and melds
through my skin
and bones to reach
out toward you
so our hearts,
like some cliche,
can intertwine.
i know you hate
the sound, oh
but look how well
we move together
in perfect rhythm.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 2 2
scribbling out galaxies
the stars got stuck
in my ballpoint pen
that i found under the house,
so i shake it
'till worlds come out
and scribble out galaxies.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 6 3
what scares me
there's a lot of things i'm scared of;
you, love, and the stars,
the way you say my name,
new things, and loud cars.
i'm scared of forgetting
and being forgotten, too.
of failing, and losing,
(most of all, losing you).
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 3
ode to a tangle jr
bold ugly colors,
but i love ur twists;
hold ugly colors,
tightlyy around my wrist
as u move through my fingertips
life slows down a little.
ur not very pretty
but i won't complain
as u turn and change
and help keep me sane.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 2 5
Mature content
what God did to you :iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 14
the TV static reminds me of my mind when we try to talk;
when you ask me why i can' t look at you, and what it is
that i want "to just stop".
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 0
all the bad things
you're there in
the back of my mind
and your nails are
in something important.
you're scrambling
my thoughts and
i'm gonna forget
all the bad things that you did.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 2
i fell for your uninviting gaze
when i tried to read between your remarks.
you were as volatile as the storm that raged
outside with your vicious dogs' howling barks.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 3 5
like thieves
i never had much luck
on the playground
because i was busy
with fairy tales & ink.
in the classroom they hid
like thieves under my desk
with tales of magic,
of tragedy & i’d drink
up their words of a life
lived spontaneous & free,
but i couldn’t help but feel
they’d forgotten about me.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 5 3
i wanna be friends with everyone again
& love the warm breeze through my bangs
while I'm flying down a narrow hill
on my bike that squeaked & sang.
i wanna find God in an old dirt pale again
on a wednesday afternoon
in june bugs & frayed rugs
& in the girls who left too soon.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 5 1
her laughter sounds like jingling bells
& her eyes are icy cold.
she's got my heart bent to her will;
while hers is made of gold.
she's soft as the lake effect snow
that's newly fallen to the ground,
& oh, her singing in the morning;
i could live for that sound.
:iconinthe-stars:inthe-stars 4 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
☆ lion ☆ infp ☆ they/them ☆ poet ☆
since i moved to another account for a little bit and wrote some stuff i like, im gonna post them on this one as well and maybe delete that account, or maybe just leave it up. 
  • Reading: frankenstein
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i wanna make a new account because of so many people im watching on here who i couldn't go through them all and unwatch and bcuz some people i don't like watching me. but also all my faves are watching me on here and im super happy about that??
i haven't written anything new in a while. (even the last few things i've posted were older)
i think ill work on my drawings today ..
ok so some people suck but my friends are great and i absolutely love them. keep being great, kiddos.
this guuy is stressing me the heck out.


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